Beginning the Journey

A Thinker’s Progess #1: Open Theism

One of the newest and most controversial ideas in Christian Theology today is the debate
surrounding what is know as open theism. This view is a distinct, and depending on who you
talk to, fundamentally different view concerning the nature of God and how He works in the

The basic tenet of this system is that God by his own free choice, has decided to give up
exhaustive definite foreknowledge and as a necessary corollary, meticulous control of earthly
affairs. This is done for the sake of genuine (in theological & philosophical terms, libertarian) freedom, which according to the open theist is a necessary component of an genuine, loving

Although i hope to write more about this topic in the future, for now i will include an
ample bibliography over both sides of the debate. This issue represents my first major journey
into Christian theology, and as such qualifies as my first “pilgrimage” as a Christian theologian.

Here is the site that has the bibliography. Enjoy!

One response to “Beginning the Journey

  1. I’m glad to see you left N. Geisler’s book off your con list. Horrible book! Ware’s on the other hand is quite good, and that is coming from an open theist.

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