Intellectual humor

If you are looking for a good laugh, check out my newest post at my old blog site:


(Kudos to the “alanyzer” for finding this 1st) .

Update: The funny clip can now be viewed on this site by using my “vodpod.”  Look for the one labeled Monty Python


4 responses to “Intellectual humor

  1. Man! I hope everything is going ok.

    I hope the task doesn’t prove too daunting.

    Peace, Derek.


  2. Thanks Cliff for your concern. My attention has been shifted away from my project just as i was finish all the necessary groundwork for teh 1st set of philosophy posts. Stuff like marriage, school, exitentially based theological concerns (i’ll email you details if you want to hear) and lack of sleep.

    Rest assured though that i am doing well now, and i hope to start soon with this stuff, although it looks doubtful if a post a week is doable (although that is still teh goal).


  3. Yeah man! email me if you find the time.

    I quite enjoy existentially based anything.

    Love you, bro!

  4. Keep up the good work! Nice blog!

    See also my weblog “The John Paul II Millstone”


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