Witherington on Atheism

Here is a fascinating post by Christian Scholar Ben Witherington about atheism.  While i really enjoyed it, i was most intrigued by his argument that fundamentalism is more than just a category often attributed (often rightly) to the Christian right.  

 He argued that at the root of fundamentalism is rising a dogma above any type of questioning or critiquing.  Fundamentally (pun intended) it becomes an attitude/assumption to be taken for granted.   At that point it has transcended both reason & faith.  It has transcended faith because it is believed to be a certainty, hence no need for faith, and it has transcended reason since arguing for such certainty is impossible to do, much less to maintain epistemologically.  Thus the dogma, whether it be sola scriptura or nautral selection, is guilty of fundamentalistic thinking.

I heartily recommend that the whole post should be read.  (Hat tip to Johnny Dee for finding this.).  It is very insightful at points regarding why “hollywood” atheists are so angry. 

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