Tips for reading Barth

I recently found this post by a student of one of Barth’s foremost interpreters.  In it he gives students tips for how to read Karl Barth.

I don’t know if anyone who reads this has read Barth before, but man he is tough.  I often get lost in a maze of what is to me archaic language and millions of pronouns per paragraph. 

I found his tips to be very helpful.  I hope that they help anyone who is a “Barthian.”  I want to start posting about Barth’s material, but i’m a little gunshy due to the complexity and often “counter-intuitive” nature of his thought.  He is easy to misrepresent!  I guess i’ll just have to jump in.

Thanks to Chris for sharing these insights. 


One response to “Tips for reading Barth

  1. Hi Brainofdtrain,
    Thanks for coming by my site. You have some wonderful resources here. I’ll definitely be back.

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