The Madness Begins

The best time of the year has finally arrived.  While many are in the midst of Lent, i feel like my Easter has finally come in a sense.

I wait through the winter not just to see warmer weather, but to see the greatest sporting event in the world (that’s a little bold i know): the NCAA men’s bball tournament.

As anyone who knows me is already aware, i bleed crimson and Jayhawk blue.  KU has been my team since i was sixish, when my grandpa (who i was quite frightened of until i was 20 something), would sit and bond over the one thing we could agree on: that KU was awesome.  Even after 5 years in Manhattan Ks i couldn’t be swayed away from my love of the Hawks.

This year we have earned a #1 seed, but UCLA is the #2 seed, which concerns me, as does Villanova.  I hope we don’t bow out early (again).

So there you go, a glimpse into my love affair with a school that i really have no affiliation with.  Doesn’t matter.  I’ll be rooting for them anyway.  I’m pumped b/c we have the talent to go the distance; hopefully we will.

So go outside and enjoy the warm weather.  Then go back inside and root for the Hawks to go all the way.

Go Hawks!


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