Humor at Duke Divinity

So a recently came across a blog that has some what i consider to be hilarious quotes from Duke Profs.  Here are my initial favorites:

On history according to Catholics:
“The church was doing fine… okay so we had three popes at once but we got rid of two… okay so the pope had three kids even though he’s celibate, but they became bishops so it was good for the church… okay so the pope thought he was a renaissance knight… but basically the church was doing just fine and *bam!* out of nowhere comes these Protestants…”

On history according to Protestants:
“Someone turned off the lights in the middle ages.  Then, suddenly, Martin Luther descended from heaven on a beam of glory with a bible in one hand and a hymnal in the other.”

Church history can be funny; who would’ve guessed?  So no one is concerned, i strongly disagree with both assemssments, but the exaggeration and satire of each camp’s tendencies to view the other is hilarious to me. 


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