Blogging from the Heart

Chris over at A Desperate Kind of Faithful recently had a great post regarding theology blogs.  Basically, his point was that if one’s theology blog is only in the intellectual domain and doesn’t connect with the writer’s life, then he isn’t really accomplishing a whole lot, other than trying to make himself look cool.

 I think that there is a fine line to walk in blogging.  I don’t want to be in an ivory thinktank, b/c i would hope that my blog would encourage others as well.  That being said, i think that if i begin to get too deep into my own life as it relates to my theological views, then i might lose people’s reading of my blog.  This isn’t merely a pride issue; if no one is reading my stuff b/c i’m too busy “airing out my dirty laundry,” then i have lost any chance to dialogue about theological issues.  I want to avoid this. 

However, i believe his point does need to be taken to heart on some level, in some way.  That being the case i will try to be a little more open in relating theology to my own life.  Also, i hope to use more questionnaires and polls b/c they elicit better dialogue.  I don’t want to simply pontificate, i want to see that this blog challenges and encourages people. 

Hopefully this blog can be more than an academic record, but a place where i love God with my mind and heart. 

[Incidentally, check out this blog if you want to see a great example of balancing scholarship and personal reflection.  I think that i might try to use him as an example.]


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