“It” Has Begun

It’s happened.  After a solid victory over Kentucky, the Jayhawks find themselves in the Sweet Sixteen.  This is great, but it has got me worried, because our great play as of late has led to “it” happening.

“It” is the ridiculous praise my team is now getting.  They are being called the hottest team in the tournament (which they probably are), and are all of the sudden being picked by a lot of announcers and fans to win it all.  Here is nationwide poll regarding my Hawks, and they have the most national votes to win the tournament.  Also, here is an article singing their praises. 

This adoration has me very worried.  While it is nice to see my team get some recognition (which was overdue in my humble opinion), KU teams handle accolades about as well as, well i can’t think of anything witty so let’s just say they don’t handle it well.  We are great at underachieving already, so i hope this doesn’t cause the Hawks to lose focus. 

I hope the hype doesn’t go to their head.  They have got a tough game coming up on thursday against Southern Illinois.  They are a perinnial top MVC team who play grinding, tough defense.  They are no one to look past, so i hope KU doesn’t make that mistake.

Keep rollin blue, keep rollin.

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