Meditation on Hope #2

God hasn’t given up on man (me) or the world in which he lives:

“The Christian view of history is essentially salvation history, centered on the person and work Jesus Christ.  At the 1st point, the death and resurrection of Christ stretches back to the beginning of creation and makes clear that God has not ceased creating, despite the fall, sin, evil, suffering, wars and injustice.  In other words, what is promised and implicit in God’s initial creation to accomplish what is good continues to be the will of God in history (emphasis mine).” 

 God, thank you for your relentless pursuit of our restoration.

[Source: Yeo Khiok-Khng “An Eschatological View of History in the New Testament: Messianic and  Millenarian Hope,” in
Asia Journal of Theology 15 (April 2001), 38-51]

One response to “Meditation on Hope #2

  1. caitrine9freedom

    I find your site very interesting and helpful at this time in my life ….
    thank you

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