Video Lecture From My New Favorite Scholar


Here is a lengthy but amazing video lecture from my new favorite scholar.

I like him a lot after this lecture alone because he is able to combine my two great passions in life; music and theology.  He does so by viewing the historical factors influencing music when it was written, all the while asking about the role of resurrected Christ in the midst of music.  He also shows in this lecture how a Christian view of history, centered on Jesus Christ, has had an effect on the way music is composed and presented.  Also, the implications music has for theology are explored.  This much i gleaned from the lecture. 

Finally, no one can accuse of him of unoriginality.  He is doing some unique work here, but with a passion ofr Christ and not merely to carve out a niche for himself (at least not that i can see at this point).

Please watch the lecture.  It is, in all honesty, one of the most amazing lectures i have ever seen.  It blew me away.

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