What Version of the Bible are You?

So i’m officially on a quiz binge.  In a few weeks i’m sure it will die down, but in the meantime, prepared for more quizzes like this:

You scored as NASB – New American Standard Bible. You are intelligent, responsible, and understanding. You strive to do your best possible in all areas of life and are generally quite successful. You do not mind being different and sometimes taking risks, but you simultaneously find no virtue in completely doing away with the past.

NASB – New American Standard Bible
NWT – New World Translation
CEV – Contemporary English Version
NRSV – New Revised Standard Version
KJV – King James Version

What version of the Bible are you?
created with QuizFarm.com

So i think that this one was pretty accurate. I would say that this is a good assessment. I like reading the NASB, but i’m also into the JNT, mainly because i think it often captures the intent of passages better, due to its goal of expressing “the essential Jewishness of the New Testament.”

Feel free to take these quizzes and tell me what/who you are according to these.


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