Rating Theology Blogs

So i recently came across this list of theology blogs ranked in order of how good people think they are.  It isn’t really eternally significant or anything, but it is good fun.  I would say that some of the rankings are way off base in my humble opinion, but so far i’m a big fan of # 40.  However, how this blog, or this one didn’t even make the list, much less the top 20 is beyond me.  One last thing I noticed that was interesting to me.  The rankings, based on the number of people who voted for you, showed that a lot more people are reading my stuff than i thought, but are choosing not to comment.  That is encouraging, although i hope dialog can become a bigger component as i continue to get better at this.  The converse of this is that one of the blogs i listed above gets more comments a week than i do a year, but remains unranked, unless i missed it.  Weird.

Any thoughts?


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