A Prayer Request

So lately i have been thinking about my future.  I’m still pretty confident that i am supposed to go into teaching at the graduate level.  In fact, i’m more sure of that today than i probably have ever been.  I know i have a lot of work to do, but i am excited about getting there.  However, where i’m at right now academics isn’t the top priority.  I am good with that.  The church is (and should) be concerned about Mt 28:18-20.  My leaders also don’t divorce the Great Commission from growth in the intellectual domain of life.  So all that to say that my church is great when coming to the intellectual life, my complaint isn’t there.

My problem is that i wish i had what i would call an “intellectual mentor.”  I have some peers with whom i have great encouragement and stimulation in my intellectual life, some of whom blog.  I had what i would consider a mentor during undergrad, but we’ve both since moved, and i am without one right now. 

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone who reads this would offer up a prayer that God would bring someone into my life who can challenge and encourage me intellectually, as well as give me guidance and direction in related areas.


2 responses to “A Prayer Request

  1. I prayed for you. I haven’t had a mentor in a while, either. It would be great. Find a mentee as well.

  2. You know Chris you’re right. I should be an answer to prayer as well. Thanks for your prayers. May my next mentor be as good as the one before him.

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