Why a Husband Should Go Shopping with his Wife


It’s supposedly something every huband dreads.  Few, if any, task or endeavor will make a husband cringe like having to go shopping with his wife.  For most men, they would rather get their wisdom teeth pulled than go shopping.  Not me though.  Well at least not all the time.

I have found that when shopping with one’s wife your enjoyment of it as a man is pretty contingent on where it is you go to shop. 

Today i went shopping with my wife at a thriftstore near our house.  We had been in there before, and i sifted through the clothes and then proceeded to wander.  Eventually i came to the books.  Lo and behold, i ran into several great books.  The two major finds were Hegel’s History of philosophy, and Volume II of Charles Hodge’s Systematic Theology, dealing with Theological Anthropology and Soteriology.  Total cost: $2.00.  It was a sweet day of victory.  I felt like i had beat the system, and it gave me warm fuzzies.

My wife was shocked that i could find anything of value @ the DAV, but then again my persistence and willingness to comb through what appears to be useless books has served me well throughout my academic career.  I know my wife thinks i’m a book-nerd, which may be the worst kind of nerd.  After finding solid books at the DAV, and being caught up in rapturous moment of victory and joy, i plead guilty.  The irony is that my wife didn’t end up buying anything, whereas the books, combined with a few polo shirts, cost me about $10.  I can’t wait until Monday, because that is the day they cut prices on books in half, and i’m thinking about “taking” my wife shopping.

So husbands out there, the next time your wife wants you to go shopping with her, muster up your strength and go with her.  If you are persistent and are willing to “dig deep,” you might come away with a treasure.  At the very least such hunting will keep your eye off your watch.  Just make sure you try to go to a place where they have books, or whatever brings out the nerd in you.


One response to “Why a Husband Should Go Shopping with his Wife

  1. Good for you. I love it when I’m stuck doing something I completely hate and wind up finding a nugget of goodness to appreciate. That’s the best, isn’t it?

    I’m also a book nerd, and I love discovering new reading material. You got quite a find… enjoy.

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