Doing Theology with a Philosopher


Recently i have been talking with one of the best philosophers today, Alan Rhoda.  We have been discussing how God relates within Himself as Triune, and the implications of this topic for understanding God’s relationship to time. 

I have been very excited to participate in a such a discussion with such a brilliant mind.  Recently he posted about our exchange that started in  the comments section of one of his earliest posts.  To be honest i’m flattered to see him give my thoughts some earnest consideration.  He has been very gracious.

So i would encourage you to head over to his blog for two reasons: 1) To get a chance to talk with such a sharp guy.  I’ve found it very beneficial to talk with him, because he is a very precise communicator.  He is indirectly showing me the value of philosophy, particularly logic, for doing theology.  2) After reading his analysis of my thoughts (which he words better than i do), please chime in.  Be forewarned, if you don’t buy into a more “social” understanding of the Trinity, you will probably disagree with me.  I haven’t completely formulated my response, but i’m cooking one up, to either be responded to in his comments or to post on here. 


One response to “Doing Theology with a Philosopher

  1. Derek,

    I have some intial thoughts after reading Rhoda’s post and our conversation. I’ve typed some stuff up and I’ll email it to you so we can resume chatting. See you tomorrow.


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