The Return of Toys!


Awhile back, i started goofing with some new widgets wordpress began to offer, and although i liked them, i didn’t like the  way they looked on my blog.  So after getting frustrated at my lack of technological savvy and yanking them off my blog, i have finally got them looking better.  

The 1st addition is what i have called a “sideblog.”  It doesn’t function like one completely, but as i update the content, which will consist of my academic pursuits, scholarly interviews and papers, book reviews, and other “quality stuff” i will make a note in a regular post to check out the new material.  I am hopeful that the comments section of the post dialogue can occur over the material.  My hope is that this can be another way to foster dialogue on ATP. 

The initial papers are three articles, one an interview, of Alvin Plantinga’s Epistemology.  The other paper is one i wrote regarding the relationship between faith, reason and authority in the medieval church.  I would especially love to hear everyone’s thoughts on my paper.

UPDATE: I will be putting all videos on my vodpod player near the bottom on the sidebar.  I hope that this will let my love for music come out, while at the same time serve the same purpose as the sideblog.

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