Whatever happened to the Holy Spirit?

I have recently been thinking about the area of doctrine known as Pneumatology, otherwise known as the doctrine of the Holy Spirit.  I have found it to be a pretty underdeveloped area of my theological studies, and am hoping to rectify that. 

So i’m wondering, what are some good books i can read on the subject?  Any suggestions?


9 responses to “Whatever happened to the Holy Spirit?

  1. I think that this book is excellent.

  2. I doubly recommend Sinclair Ferguson’s book, the same that WTM has recommended. I’m also very impressed with Thomas C. Oden’s _Life in the Spirit_; I think it’s the third volume in his systematic theology. Oden is a patristics (Patristics?) scholar and so he does an excellent job of showing the historical development of pneumatology, as well as many other essential Christian doctrines. I also remember reading a really good book by John Stott on the subject, but for the life of me I can’t remember the title; I think it’s called _Baptism and the Holy Spirit_, or something like that, but I’m not sure.

  3. I would also give Donald Bloesch a plug for his Christian Foundations: The Holy Spirit. His discussion is worthwhile.

  4. I think Stott’s book is called “Baptism and Fullness.” I recommend Moltmann’s “The Spirit of Life”–I think that’s the title. It’s one of his shorter, more popular books and includes his testimony, which is worth reading. My dad, a Christian layman, read that chapter and was moved by it. The book is one-sided; it is not Christological enough–more on the Spirit’s general role in animating all of life–not so much on the Spirit’s role in testifying to Jesus Christ. Still, what he says is worth reading.

  5. Professor Alterman,

    Thanks for the advice. Actually, i have recently purchased Moltmann’s book you mentioned on Amazon-hopefully it arrives in a few days. I’ll keep your criticism in mind. Thanks.

  6. Glach and WTM,

    Thanks for the recommendation of Ferguson. I own the “doctrine of humanity” in the series by sherlock, and it is quite good (interestingly, it was one of my few exposures to karl barth in undergrad). If Ferguson is so good, i wonder if the whole series is solid. I also own Helm’s the providence of God, and i thought it was pretty weak. However, one bad book shouldn’t spoil what otherwise sounds like a great series.

  7. Michael,

    Bloesch is another guy that i really have been wanting to start reading. I’ll be sure to give him a shot. thatnks for the suggestion.


    Is it Moltmann’s panentheism which causes him to speak of the Spirit as “animating all of life?”

  8. Derek,

    I recommend reading my upcoming book on Pneumatology, Theosis: God’s impartation of a new identity (2009). Ok…so there’s not really a book. I just thought it would be fun to write that. Take care amigo.


  9. Slemp,

    I love it! Let’s do it! Connecting Trinitarian thought with recovering identity . . . I think that it is our book we’ve been looking at writing!

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