New Videos to Check Out


I’ve found my new guitar hero, and his name is Andy McKee.  He, like another artist i’ve recently recommended, makes his musical living by using a style of playing called “finger-tapping.”  If you watch a couple of his videos, you’ll quickly figure out why it is called that.  I highly recommend “Drifting,” “For My Father,” and “Tight Trite Night.”  You can see nearly all his stuff on my vod-pod (it is in the bottom left corner of my blog), or click on his picture to go to his record label.  Enjoy!

Update:  For those of you who don’t care for finger-tapping or are simply ready for a change of pace, check out the Lindsey Buckingham video “Big Love” i uploaded.  If you are more a traditional finger-pickin’ kind of guy or gal, you’ll love this. 

Pop Quiz: Which famous band did (does?) he play for?


One response to “New Videos to Check Out

  1. My Fleetwood Mac blog, Heroes Are Hard To Find is conducting a contest in honor of Lindsey Buckingham’s new album, Gift Of Screws (09.16.08). I thought it might be of interest to you or your readers!

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