Barthian Meditation #1


“In order not to be alone, single, enclosed within Himself, God did not need co-existence with the creature.  He does not will and posit the creature necessarily, but in freedom, as the basic act of His grace.  His whole relationship to what is outside Himself-its basis and history from first to last-rests on this fact.  For everything that the creature seems to offer Him-its otherness, its being in antithesis to Himself and therefore His own existence in co-existence-He has also in Himself as God, as the original and essential determination of His being and life as God.”



2 responses to “Barthian Meditation #1


    I’ve been tagged by Judy Redman in the 10-20-30 meme game. If I understand it correctly, I have to tell what I was doing 10, 20, and 30 years ago; then I have to tag three others.

    So now I have to tag someone:

    Derick, and Aaron whose histories don’t go back thirty years; and D. Timothy Goering, who was the first to greet “Theological German” with a warm and encouraging comment.

  2. Derek — Sorry I’ve been absent. I may return to the blogosphere sometime. Just lost that bloggin feelin’, if you know what I mean.

    Hope you are well and classes are rich.


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