Torrance on Revelation & Anti-Semitism


Ran across this interesting take on the (possible?) connection between Israel’s role in mediating divine revelation and hatred of the Jewish people:

“In the Hebrew idiom revelation implies not only the uncovering of God but the uncovering of the ear and heart of man to receive revelation.  Thus the mediation of divine revelation through Israel has the effect not only of disclosing something of the nature of God but of disclosing the natural offence to God deeply embedded in the human heart.  Now if this is the case, as we find in God’s dealings with Israel, that the more deeply revelation pierces into the roots of human being the more it intensifies the enmity of the human heart against God, then the destined function of Israel in bearing and mediating divine revelation for mankind caanot but have the effect upon us of rousing and bringing to the surface our own latent enmity against God, which can easily express itself in the form of enmity to Israel.”




2 responses to “Torrance on Revelation & Anti-Semitism

  1. I think Torrence has a good point here. Since revelation has been mediated through Israel, those who accept the God of revelation also accept those who make this revelation possible, that is, Israel. Those who reject the God who has revealed himself in the history of Israel will also reject those who mediate this revelation.

    Maybe the corollary for this view is already present in Genesis 12:3, where God told Abraham: “I will bless those who bless you, and him who curses you I will curse.”

    Claude Mariottini

  2. Professor Mariottini,

    Thanks for your comment. I think that you’ve summarized Torrance really well here. For me the only real hesitation i have with it is it seems to be a bit calvinistic in its view of man and sin. Maybe the bible helps us come into contact with our deepest longings to be who we were created to be, not reveal our hatred of God. However, that’s probably just my existential side showing.

    Thanks again for the comment professor; it is good to have you “around” these parts!

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