Orange Bowl Champs!


So i have resisted talking about KU football on here all year, b/c i know that their schedule was weak.  That being said, finishing off the year by beating the #3 team in the nation does seem to validate their status as an elite team this year.  For those who missed the game, it was actually kind of an ugly game.  Sloppy, with some questionable decision-making by each team’s coaches, but in the end KU pulls it out 24-21.   

How they’ll be next year, who can say (For some initial opinions on the team’s future click here)?  But for tonight, they are Orange Bowl Champions!  How sweet it is!


3 responses to “Orange Bowl Champs!

  1. O Come on now Chris, yo’ve gotta love it. Rock Chalk Jayhawk, go KU!

  2. Hey did you see my niece Claudia on TV?

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