Jr. High Theology, Pt 1

So last night i was discussing the role of our thought life in following Jesus (not the easiest topic for Jr. High, but i wanted to give it a shot) and how the thoughts we think often reflect and influence the way that we feel towards God and what we believe about Him. 

During the course of the lesson we wrote various “false arguments (drawing on 2 Cor 10:3-5)” alongside “praiseworthy (drawing on Php 4:8) thoughts” hoping to demonstrate the differences and hopefully to get them thinking about which thoughts they should try to fill their minds with.  At one point in the night one of the students asked, rather insightfully, “what if you think them both?” 

I was pretty excited to hear this, and we shifted gears into a discussion of the relationship between our thought lives and sin and sanctification, albeit pretty simplified.  B/c of this young man’s question, we got to talk quite a bit why our topic mattered to their lives, and also to try to think theologically through what these Scriptures meant for their lives.  I was pleased to see him wrestle with the apparent inconsistency that those two scriptures presented him with.  In short, he was trying to think theologically.  I have to admit, that as a theologian at heart, this warmed my heart.   

While this young man may not write dogmatic theology one day, i enjoyed thinking theologically with my class.

One response to “Jr. High Theology, Pt 1

  1. That’s some amazing critical-thinking on his part, especially for a junior high student. I’ve been trying to encourage that in my own youth group. Thanks for sharing.

    Jeremy (editor, exegeek.com)

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