Deep Thoughts from Simone Weil


I recently found this great quote courtesy of F & T.  It is worth chewing on for awhile.

“Denial of St Peter. To say to Christ: ‘I will never deny you’ was to deny him already, for it was to suppose the source of faithfulness to be in himself and not in grace…. Peter did not deny Christ when he broke his promise, but when he made it.”


3 responses to “Deep Thoughts from Simone Weil

  1. I don’t think that Peter was aware of real nature of Christ.

    Everything is Divine plan.

  2. yeah, the plan may hidden. but it’s there

    you’ve just got to trust in things 🙂

  3. I’m not sure I follow. The quote says that the source of faithfulness is grace. Am I extrapolating errantly by saying that they’re claiming the root of human faithfulness in jesus comes FROM jesus’/god’s grace towards us?

    If we’re to assume that the source of faithfulness is grace, then to say that Peter denied Jesus when he made the promise, is to say that a promise of faithfulness indicates a lack of grace.

    What is the source for us doing/believing/maintaining faithfulness? Is it beyond our own volition?

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