Fundamentalism and a Hardware Store


Now i know that most people think that Kansans are hardcore fundamentalists with no hope of changing, but i think that the above photo disproves that.  It appears that a hardware store in Hugoton (which incidentally is about a half hour from where i grew up) has cleverly chosen a name that points out the nature of their store while simultaneously honoring one of the 20th centuries’ greatest NT scholars, who definitely wasn’t a fundamentalist in today’s vernacular. 

If this is what Kansas hardware store owners are reading, then imagine how liberal their pastors are!

(HT: FM)

3 responses to “Fundamentalism and a Hardware Store

  1. Derek, you only wish… 😉

  2. I think Bultman was the real family name of the owners of the hardware store. I sent the picture to Herr Dr. Caulley, and he added the other -n; which by the way my own name once included (a double -n at the end, that is.)

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