On Peter Enns


In case you hadn’t heard yet, Peter Enns has been suspended from his post at Westminster Theological Seminary.  It looks like he is yet another casualty of the inerrancy/biblical authority debate.  For a couple of helpful reviews of the book that got him in trouble, click here and here.

Jason points out a section of Enns book that is sadly ironic:

I am thankful for being part of such a solidly faithful group [the Westminster faculty] that does not shy away from some difficult yet basic questions and with whom I am able to have frank and open discussions. This does not happen at every institution, and I do not take that privilege for granted (pg 9).

I have little to add to what has already been discussed in the above links, other than simply to express my sadness in how often earnest discussions of the nature of the bible’s authority turn ugly and divisive.  I pray that Jesus, the one who has been given all authority, will take care of Enns and his family during this time.   


 Update:  I recently came across Peter Enns’ blog–I was unaware he had one.  He has some posts and links where he discusses his book that has caused this controversy. 

(HT: AG)


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