Highlights from Chapter 1 of Peter Enns’ Book

As i have previously mentioned, a recent book that has stirred much controversy is Peter Enns’ book Inspiration and Incarnation: Evangelicals and the Problem of the Old Testament.  For a couple reviews, click here and here.  If you aren’t in the mood for reading several reviews and debates linked here, then let me give you the simplified story: Enns (see his personal blog here), a professor at Westminster Theological Seminary, was suspended from his post due to the fear that he has rejected the doctrine of the inerrancy of Scripture. 

I have finished the first chapter of i & i, and so far i have loved it.  I am hoping to review the work by chapter.  It might take a couple of months, since i am wrapping up the Spring semester and also trying to start seminary.  There is so much that i want to write about it, but since it is so late here are several tasty quotes to reflect on:

The problems many of us feel regarding the Bible may have less to do with the Bible itself and more to do with our own preconceptions.

What is needed is a way of thinking about Scripture where these kinds of issues are addressed from a very different perspective–where these kinds of problems cease being problems and become windows that open up new ways of understanding. 

The human marks of the Bible are everywhere, thoroughly integrated into the nature of Scripture itself.

It is essential to the very nature of revelation that the Bible is not unique to its environment.  The human element of Scripture is essential to its being Scripture.

The starting point for our discussion is the following: as Christ is both God and human, so is the Bible. 



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