Unread Books

Right now i’m knee deep in reading theological writings dealing with culture, and i’m enjoying it.  That being said, i tend to get bored or distracted easily, so often when i’m working on a project i find myself often reaching for books on my shelf that i still hope to read one day. 

So, my question tonight is: what is one book you would love to read, but never have time to? 

Here is mine as of right now. 


One response to “Unread Books

  1. The one book I bought a few months back that keeps peeking out from the shelf is “Proust and the Squid: The Story and Science of the Reading Brain” by Maryanne Wolf. I’ve read through the introduction, and made it into the first chapter, but something pulled me away and I just can’t seem to get back to it.

    The one book I see every time I visit B&N and somehow convince myself to hold off buying is “The Film Club: A Memoir” by David Gilmour (not the guy from Pink Floyd). I love movies, and I long to share my favorites with my oldest son. And I love memoir.

    I will often keep a book that has nothing to do with school lying on my nightstand, so I can pick it up and read a few pages before bed just to unwind the body and the mind.


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