Dobson on Obama: Deliberately Distorting the Bible

I thought that this was interesting.  Thoughts? 


5 responses to “Dobson on Obama: Deliberately Distorting the Bible

  1. If this happened 2 years ago, it makes me wonder at Dobson’s motives and timing for just now becoming upset at Obama. Obama used “or” NOT and to contrast Rev. Sharpton’s liberal views of Christianity and Mr. Dobson’s conservative views to show even among Christians there isn’t unity in this country. Mr. Dobson should be pleased to be shown as a role model for conservative Christians. I listened to Mr. Dobson’s show today and he came across very defensive. If he was going to be this upset over Obama’s speech, 2 years ago was the time to be upset.

  2. It’s me again. I just looked on the Focus on the Family website and found no mention of today’s broadcast about Obama’s speech. Interesting he would interrupt his weekly radio schedule for this 2 year late response and have nothing about it on his website. There wasn’t even a link to the broadcast. It shows the regularly scheduled program for today. Last time he had an issue that interrupted the schedule it was all over the website (California homeschool rights) before and after.

  3. I find Dobson’s use of the word “fruitcake” offensive. I happen to love fruitcake and equating a harmless and delicious culinary masterpiece with a selective style of interpreting the Bible is hateful.


    Unless one interprets the Bible in a way that pleases James Dobson, there can be no open dialogue, only rhetoric and division.

    Sad, but par for the course.

  4. Dobson just needs to stop. I’m becomming really tired of his rhetoric…and more conservative Christians are as well.

  5. Check out Frank Schaeffer’s (son of the late Francis Schaeffer) at the Huffington Post.

    Two other interesting Frank Schaeffer articles were:

    Why I’m Pro-Life and Pro-Obama
    and his thoughts on
    Rev. Wright.

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