The Theologian’s A-B-C’s

In a moment of goofiness, i decided to write out the A-B-C’s “theologian style.”  So if anyone is a novice to theology, and wants to know who they should one day be reading, hopefully this elementary lesson can give them some ideas.  Please let me know if you disagree with who i pick as the most important theologian for each letter.  Lastly, any thoughts on the two letters i left unassigned?  Here we go:

A as in Augustine

B as in Barth

C as in Calvin

D as in Davies (Oliver)

E as in Ellul

F as in Frei

G as in Gunton

H as in Hauerwas

I as in Irenaeus

J as in Jenson

K as in Kierkegaard

L as in Lacugna

M as in McFague

N as in Niebuhr

O as in Oden

P as in Pannenberg

Q as in ?

R as in Rahner

S as in Schmemann

T as in Torrance

U as in ?

V as in Von Balthasar

W as in Williams

Y as in Yoder

Z as in Zizoulas


8 responses to “The Theologian’s A-B-C’s

  1. How about Willard Van Orman Quine for Q. Perhaps not necessarily a theologian, he has the coolest name on the planet . . . !

  2. You have to use Quenstedt for Q. He is one of the great theologians of Protestant Orthodoxy, and Barth refers to him extensively in the Church Dogmatics.

  3. And U is for Zacharius Ursinus, the Reformer and author of the Heidelberg Catechism.

  4. How could Z not be for Zwingli? M should be Molina.

  5. Hey all,

    thanks for all the advice!


    I thought about Quine, but only out of desperation.


    Thanks for these suggestions. Since i’m unaware of these two thinkers, and b/c i’ve seen the breadth of your knowledge on your blog, i’ll assume their solid choices. Until someone can give me better alternatives, Quenstedt and Ursinus it is!


    Zwingli! Are you serious?! I’m kiddin. He is (to my chagrin) undoubtedly a prominent figure in theological history. While i don’t know him really well, what i know so far from him i find troubling. Also, Zizoulas has made quite a splash in the theological world, and i’m willing to roll the dice that in a few hundred years more academics will know him rather than zwingli.

    And Molina? Chris, your Bill Craig is showing 🙂

  6. For q you should go for Philip Quast whose Patrology cannot be beaten

  7. Andrew,

    Thanks for the idea. I have to confess my ignorance of Quast and his work. Aside from Patrology, has he done other work you would recommend?

    Thanks for stopping by!

  8. WVO Quine for sure.

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