Informal Poll: Who Should I Be Reading?

In my previous post, I talked about how seminary, while a great experience, has thus far pulled me away from my first academic love, theology.  I have decided to rebel against that somewhat, and am going to start reading in my favorite discipline again, lest i forget why i’m even in seminary. 

This is where you, my wonderful reader(s) come in.  I’m not sure what to read; it has been awhile since i’ve really dug my teeth into something, and I’m wondering what everyone else who finds their education less restrictive at this point than mine is focusing on.  So, since i lack the ability to insert a cool “poll widget” i’m shamelessly asking you to comment on this post with suggestions for what i should read.  I’m hoping to read something with substance that isn’t long for the sake of being long.  So, what say you?


4 responses to “Informal Poll: Who Should I Be Reading?

  1. I’m partial to the old standards: Augustine, Calvin, etc. Then there are the Moderns: Schleiermacher, Barth, Tillich. As for contemporary writers: Kathryn Tanner, Bruce McCormack, George Hunsinger, John Webster, T.F. Torrance, Jurgen Moltmann, Wolfhart Pannenberg.

  2. Love Tillich, in whatever dose I can get him. And, being a philosophy major with an interest in religion, I have been dipping into some Plantinga as of late.

    Like you, school is keeping me from my love of digging deeper into the books I love. Hang in there, my friend . . .

  3. Travis,

    I’ve dabbled in several of those thinkers you listed. Maybe i should try to get through several of one of their works over the next few months.


    I enjoy Tillich as well, probably more than i should. Sorry to hear you share my plight. Here’s to hoping that things turn around for you!

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