Seminary and the Calling of a Theologian

So right now i’m in the midst of my first semester at seminary.  I have done graduate work already, but not at an official seminary.  I’ve learned much during these first couple of months.  One of the most surprising realizations i’ve had is that if one isn’t careful seminary can make you forget why you were there in the first place. 

For example, I love theology, but due to the quantity of reading i have in related fields (Social Scientific Studies, Church History, etc), i rarely get to read in the subject.  I’m so consumed by study in related fields that, while interesting at times, and relevant to my discipline of interest to be sure, i find myself losing my sense of purpose, my calling, in the midst of the very place where it was supposed to be honed!

I know that everyone has to pay their dues, and luckily for me, i’ll be starting my PhD within two years (I hope), but at times it seems like i’m drowning in the preparatory work.  I think that there is something to be said for just jumping in swimming pool (or in my case, getting used to how cold the water is again).

So I’ve decided to start reading more theology again, even if I’m swamped with school.  I don’t want to view reading/studying merely as a burden, or boring.  I think that if i’m going to be successful (or even make it to) in academia, i can’t forget what my gifting, calling, and passion is, and that is to do theology.


2 responses to “Seminary and the Calling of a Theologian

  1. Who will you read in fulfilling your vow to once again take up theology?

  2. Travis,

    Great question! I certainly have enough to get to (it seems that i can always find time to buy more, even if i can’t read them). I’ve been itching to read important thinkers like David Bentley Hart but i know that he can be quite exhausting due to his vocabulary and breadth of thought.

    I guess i would like to read a thinker who has substance and yet maintains a level of being concise. Any suggestions on this front? I think i’ll post this question; maybe i’ll let my readers, like you, decide!


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