A New Political Blog

Recently a friend of mine started a new blog dealing with the upcoming US election.  Since he’s one of my best friends, i thought a little shameless plug would be appropriate.  Here is the link.


5 responses to “A New Political Blog

  1. Nah – it’s just a whole lot of baseless attacks against Obama.

  2. In fact rather than Obama being the moron, I’d say your friend might be. Moron, ignorant, stupid – really, Obama is none of those. I doubt even the right wing will find much substance in his blog.

  3. Steph,

    I appreciate you stopping by. You’re certainly welcome to your opinion, but i find it ironic that your responses to my friend’s blog easily fall under the same criticisms that you attempt to level at him.

    Now while i certainly don’t agree with my friend on everything (what friends do?), he always backs up his views with able logic and actual citation of sources; hardly “baseless attacks.”

    Now if you actually have an “argument” as to why you disagree with him (or me), by all means have at it. He’s a big kid, he can handle it. Please do not come by here and try to discredit him (or anyone for that matter) with unsubstantiated rhetoric, thanks.

  4. Derek,


    I appreciate the plug for the site.

    Steph, I will certainly agree that at least one of the posts I had as part of the title “Obama’s ignorance” in reference to taxes and the economy. I will agree that adding that into the title could be an ad hominem attack, if and only if, it doesn’t correspond with reality. However, i’m not sure if I ever referred to Obama as stupid or a moron. Ignorance, as I understand it and most dictionaries would agree, is “a lack of knowledge,” or, “being unaware or uninformed.” Therefore, it does not have to be a slap in the face if it is being used to correctly describe someone’s knowledge or lack thereof. I am certainly open to dialogue as to how the conclusion is incorrect with reference to Obama’s understanding of taxes and the economy.

    Finally, as Derek noted, I try to stay away from “baseless attacks.” Unless I am writing on something like the debate, in which I use reasoning, logic, and the actual transcript to propose certain points (that may be wrong. I’m always open to dialogue), my claims are substantiated by such sources as, The Wall Street Journal, LA Times, NY Times, MSNBC, The Politico, Washington Times, American Thinker, American Spectator, National Review Online, and much more.

    And, since my guess is that you may be unaware, if I am repeating what I find in places like American Thinker, then you can rest assured that the content is directly in line with what is going on with “right wing[ers]”. For the American Thinker is one of the most read and cited sources among right wing conservatives. I don’t claim to always be original. Hence, the citations. :)If you believe this to be incorrect, feel free to spend some time reading people like Rush Limbaugh who regularly cite the aforementioned sources, many of which, by the way, are NOT conservative (e.g. NY Times, LA Times, WSJ, MSNBC, etc.) The only reason I bring up Rush is because, indisputably, he is the leading voice for right wing conseravtives.

    As Derek also metioned, I would love to dialogue with someone who could help me move beyond my baseless attacks and illogical conclusions. Seriously. Feel free to stop by and engage the content. Truly, it rarely helps us only to speak with people with whom we agree.



  5. Derek,

    Please forgive me for using your blog to dialogue about a topic unrelated to your general content. But I did go back and read through some of my articles and here is the quote steph was referencing with me calling Obama a “moron.”

    “By that standard, Obama demonstrated himself to be a complete moron tonight. But I digress.”

    Taken as such, it is entirely misunderstood. Context, as we also find with Scripture, determines meaning. This was actually not me referencing Obama as a moron but saying that “by [the] standard” that the main stream media critiqued Palin after her debate with Biden, in which she was accused of being stupid because she didn’t answer Ifill’s questions directly, Obama would therefore have demonstrated himself to be a complete moron that night.

    In the context, I was pointing out the exact OPPOSITE of him being a moron or Palin. It is a baseless attack to say Palin is stupid because she didn’t want to get trapped by manipulative questions just as it would be baseless to attack Obama for the same reason. In that paragraph, I critiqued Obama’s response because he didn’t even touch on Teresa Finch’s question, which I tie in in the following paragraph.



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