Reading Eschatology

Planning for next year’s WFPS conference has already begun.  We have chosen the theme “Eschatology & the Future.”  While i have done some work on this already, i haven’t read many of the main thinkers in this locus of theology.  I’m hoping that i can interact with a few of these thinkers fairly deeply over the next year in preparation for a paper to present at the conference.  I thought that i would poll my visitors for who i should interact with first in this area.

4 responses to “Reading Eschatology

  1. If you’re up for some recommendations from a fellow Kansan, check out the eschatological works of Geerhardus Vos (20th century Princeton theologian) and Richard Gaffin (current systematic theologian):

    Vos: Eschatology of the OT
    Vos: The Pauline Eschatology
    Gaffin: Resurrection and Redemption
    Gaffin festschrift: Resurrection and Eschatology

  2. LO,

    Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate your suggestions. I’ll take a look.

    By the way, where are you in Kansas?

  3. I grew up in Olathe . . . now I’m in Orlando, finishing seminary.

  4. I would recommend Moltmann’s The Coming of God. Probably his best book on eschatology–which is in one way or another the theme of all his work.

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