End of Semester


The end of the semester is so close i can taste it.  i just finished writing my last paper for the semester, and all that i have now is a few routine assignments and exams and i’m officially 5/8 done with my M.A. 

In a really fortunate turn of events, i get to start working on my thesis way ahead of time (i’ll have over a year at least).  I just barely started, so this topic could and likely will be revised. 

For now here is my basic idea: bring the trinitarian theologies of Jurgen Moltmann and T.F. Torrance into conversation with each other in the hopes that i might be able to propose/construct a pneumatology that is characterized by the best that each thinker brings to the table in this area, while hopefully losing what i at least perceive to be their respective weaknesses. 

I’m excited to work on this project.  Oddly, i can’t wait for finals to be over so that i can really start digging in.


2 responses to “End of Semester

  1. I think that this is a very promising project. I hope that you will let us hear more about it when it is done.

  2. I am one class, or, semester away from mine. I will go for another though, an M.A.R. to add to my M.A.T.S.

    We shall see after that… who knows?

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