My Thesis Statement

I recently mentioned that i am starting work on my M.A. thesis.  In the attempt to start cataloguing my upcoming research, i have started a new blog devoted solely to that purpose.  While i’m not sure if i will allow commenting on it or even leave it available to be viewed throughout the process, for now i will.  The first thing i have done tonight, with the help of the 7th edition of the Turabian manual, is to more precisely define my thesis.  It might still get tweaked, but for now i’m really pleased with it.  If you are interested in checking it out, click here.


One response to “My Thesis Statement

  1. Derek,
    I read your thesis statement, but I didn’t see any statement. Are you not yet at the point where you can say “My view of the trinity is . . .” Is that not how you do it in theology? I thought you might start with a view that you try to either confirm or show to be incorrect.

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