The Year of Reading Calvin


This year marks the 500th anniversary of the birth of Calvin, one of the most influential thinkers in the history of Christianity.  He is known in theological circles primarily for his dogmatics entitled “The Institutes of the Christian Religion.” 

Ben Myers has alerted us to a great opportunity to work through this great work.  Click here to read more.  Also make sure to read Ben’s post on Calvin, his reflections are worth consideration.  On a similar note, awhile back Dr. Myers also alerted us to a reading plan someone had concocted for reading Barth’s dogmatics.  Apparently he is falling behind, at least in blogging his reading.  This might be worth a try as well.


One response to “The Year of Reading Calvin

  1. The measure of the authenticity of any and every ones religion is always and only in what they do, by their moment to moment and consistently lived demonstration—by their fruits you will know them.

    And NEVER in what they say.

    Were they a source of constant blessing to all that lived within their personal intimate sphere, and in the wider community that they lived.

    Was their life full of Grace, humour, delight, laughter, and a celebration of The Beautiful.

    None of the above intrinsic virtues of a truly Religious life were demonstrated by Calvin.

    How many people, including children, his adult step-children, and his former best friend Servetus, did Calvin have or allowed to be executed?

    He also gave the “authorization” for his congregation and followers to engage in indiscrimate wholesale slaughter of the “heretic” Anabaptists.

    How many people would Jesus have executed?

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