Begbie on Theology

Begbie 1

Tonight I read the introduction to Jeremy Begbie’s recent work resounding truth: christian wisdom in the world of music.  As is the case in most every (good) introduction, Begbie defines his understanding of key terms and concepts.  By way of example, for Begbie theology is

the disciplined thinking and rethinking of the Christian gospel for the sake of fostering a wisdom that is nourished by, and nourishes, the church in its worship and mission to the world.

Begbie takes a few pages to unpack the significance of the various segments within his definition.  I am hoping to examine his understanding of theology over the next few days mainly because his definition in some ways is representative of some of the “forks in the road” that are before me at this stage of my journey.  This will become apparent as i explore his understanding of key concepts of his definition.  To be continued . . .


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