Niebuhrian Quote

Book Review 15

Recently i have been working through H. Richard Niebuhr’s classic Christ & Culture.  Although opinion of this work has taken some hits  over the years, it is if nothing else a great read due to Niebuhr’s chops as a writer.  Some quotes are especially good, like this one on sin from his chapter “Christ & Culture In Paradox”

When man cannot any longer assure himself that he is the master of his physical fate, he turns to the things he believes are really under his control, such things as sincerity and integrity, and tries to shelter himself under his honesty; in this domain, at least, he thinks he can get along without grace, an independent good man, needing nothing he cannot himself supply (155). 

I am hoping to finish the book this weekend, but i doubt i can review it until the week after next b/c i am spending an intense week in ministry with our middle school version of VBS.  Should be a great time.  Until then, hopefully you can enjoy some more quotes from this classic work.

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