Penguins Win!

Penguins 1

With the odds heavily stacked against them, my Penguins have recaptured Lord Stanley’s cup.  It was an amazing series, and now the youngest captain to ever hoist the cup is the brilliant and polarizing Sidney Crosby.  As great as both he and his partner in crime Malkin are, the upset tonight came about primarily because of the play of their goaltender, Marc-Andre Fleury (pictured above).  His last second save was a thing of beuaty.   I know this Detroit loss hurts some theobloggers, but hopefully they can take solace in the fact that hands down Detroit is still the class of the NHL and that this is likely to be my only playful jab at them.

Between tonight and the recent success of the University of Kansas’ athletics, I am quite the spoiled sports fan right now, and I love it.  The best part is, the Pens are pretty young so hopefully this is the start of a special run.  Go Pens!


13 responses to “Penguins Win!

  1. Enjoy your moment. You are right that this is only a blip on the Red Wings radar. I’ll console myself with the fact that we’ve been in 6 of the last 13 Stanley Cup finals and won 5 of them (if my memory serves me).

    In any case, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Wings and Pens squared off again next year.

    Just admit that Malkin can be a real jerk and is light-years behind the Wings in class…and that Zetterberg had an amazing series, getting the best of Crosby.

    • Travis,

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they did meet again. I hope it happens; it would be really fun to watch.

      I admit Malkin has some growing up to do, but you have to admit that most of the Red Wings aren’t 22 years old either; maybe some of them were a bit more hot headed back then too?

      Zetterberg is great, no doubt. Probably smothered Crosby better than anyone i’ve seen. That said, devoting one of your best players to focus so much on smothering him can hurt in other ways.

      Great series; let’s do it again!

      • That’s the great thing about the Wings – we have such a great farm system that our guys get to work out their wild, 22-year-old oats down there, and then come up once they have gotten more refined. If Malkin could get a bit more disciplined, he’d be a much more enjoyable player for me (an opposing team’s fan) to watch. But, one can’t deny his great skills (unless one wanted to point to his +/- rating, just be be contrarian).

        Same goes for Crosby (the great skills bit). But, I’m a huge Zetterberg fan and take great consolation at the job that Z did on Sid again this year. As far as devoting a player so much to the task, Z still put up better offensive numbers than Sid this series.

      • I’m reconsidering my mellowing opinion of Crosby…read this.

  2. And that Ozzie is a world-class goalie.

    • Travis,

      Osgood is a great goalie, but at times i think he was a bit overhyped in these finals. With that last loss, he is now 2-4 in game 7’s . . . not exactly a world class stat. In this postseason alone Fleury tied him in that department (last night & the game 7 in Washington, both on the road).

      Fleury still has a way to go to be considered as good as Ozzie, but in my opinion that gap isn’t as wide as most Wings fans probably think.

      • I’ve got nothing against the Flower power, but lots of people – and I don’t intend to single out Pens fans here – love to diss Ozzie, and it drives me nuts.

  3. Travis,

    If only my theological posts garnered such attention from you :). For ease of reading, this time i will respond to all your thoughts here:

    1st, no doubt that your Wings have the best farm system; that is the only way a team in today’s NHL can be as consistently good as your guys have been the last 15 (& counting) years. The penguins have been fortunate that their “can’t miss” guys (Mario & Sid) have actually been “can’t miss.” That is a lot of what gives them 3 titles over the past 20 years to a lot of clubs’ zero. No argument here Travis; if you don’t mind, i would say that in terms of player development your Wings are the New England Patriots of the NHL.

    Regarding Zetterberg, he is a fantastic player as i already mentioned. You bring up a fair point as well about his superior offensive play in comparison to Sid’s in this series. My point was that Z could have been infinitely more productive than he was if he didn’t have so much focus on Crosby, and with him being one of your key guys under 30, i think the longer a series goes the more you get “diminishing returns” with this strategy. What do you think? In my view Z didn’t dominate offensively this series, but he could have if he wasn’t shadowing Crosby. I could also totally be out to lunch on this.

    Your take on Osgood is interesting, mainly b/c my perception as a fan of a team not named the Red Wings is that Osgood is an impenetrable wall, and Fleury is a weak-minded keeper who will fold. Neither statement is completely true obviously, but it seemed that many loved to make up new words to praise Osgood like “OsGREAT” & “OsMAGNIFICENT,” while Fleury was more of a dice-roll. It sounds like you aren’t one of those folks, and for that i am glad. So i am clear, Osgood is a top 5 keeper, but i tire of opinions that he is practically a deity in the net. So it sounds like we agree here basically.

    Lastly, i couldn’t get the Crosby link to work for some reason; mind just pasting the link & i’ll check it out?

    Thanks for the hockey chat Traivs; i am really enjoying it!

  4. If its any consolation, I read everything you post. 🙂

    Not a big fan of the Patriots, but I know how to take a compliment for my team.

    You are right that Z didn’t dominate offensively because he was busy defending on Crosby. I think we got a taste for what the series would have been like if he didn’t carry that burden during the last bit of the second and the third periods of game 7: Z was super dangerous that whole time and he forced Fleury to make some absolutely cluck saves. That said, Z was still the most consistent Wing offensively.

    That’s interesting about your take on Ozzie. This whole year it seems that sportswriters and such were arguing that he doesn’t deserve to be in the hall of fame, etc., and that he is just a mediocre goalie on a world-class team. I’m glad you’re impression is otherwise. That’s what I had in mind, however. For what its worth, I think Fleury is phenomenal. He could be quite the wall once he ages another few years.

    My favorite nickname for Ozzie is “The Wizard of Oz”. 😀

    Here is the URL for that link:

    Basically, it seems that Crosby neglected to shake Lidstrom’s hand…which is deemed to be not-very-captain-like-behavior.

    It is fun. 🙂 Hopefully next year we can have a similar conversation, although you’ll excuse me for hoping that our teams’ situations are reversed.

  5. Travis,

    I agree, it is fun. Hopefully we will be talking about this again next year. If your team pulls it out, the discussion happens at your blog, & i will (hopefully) graciously take the ribbing.

    Good talking man.

    Until next year,


  6. Indeed! It will be interesting to see how the two teams look come September. I’ve already seen a lot of speculation about Wings rosters, and it looks like they will be a contenders – although they will need a bigger bee in their bonnet than this year to get the job done.

    Go Wings! 😉

    • I think you guys just need to get a bit younger. Surely you can find a younger set of legs for Chelios’ roster spot 😉

      If you are a tad younger, and keep Z, Dat, etc., you guys have to be the favorite next year. I think that the pens can get better, but for them it will mainly be a result of developing their young nucleus.

      I don’t think you need a bigger bee, just a slightly younger one.


      • I agree – we have so many guys that have won multiple times that it is hard to keep the fire going. Fortunately, the cap ought to help us out here this summer. I’m just hoping that they don’t shuffle things to try and keep Hossa – nothing against him as a person, but he really blanked in the final, and we have valuable guys who have been around for years that we would have to dump to keep him.

        It was such a shame that Dats was hurt – that would have been like your Pens going without Malkin. But, those are the breaks…

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