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Despite my (relatively) young age, i am not in any sense tech savvy.  Luckily, Nick is, and he helpfully lent his expertise in creating the new feature under my calendar to the right, entitled “My Reading Habits.”  It is modeled after the widget on his blog.  I like it alot, and hope to figure out how to update the html as i keep reading (which i am sure will be quite an adventure).  I think i can show my gratitude by encouraging everyone to visit his blog.  It is one of my regular clicks, b/c it has good content, a lot of book reviews (which i love), & Nick does all this while not taking himself too seriously.  Thanks again Nick!

One response to “New Blog Feature

  1. My pleasure. And the easiest way to keep it updated is to paste the HTML in your post editor (the HTML editor that is) and then just go from there. Upload your picks, size them at 50 x 75 and add your links. If ever you run into trouble then just shoot me an email.

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