September: John Zizioulas Month!

Zizioulas 1

After some thought, i have decided to approach the upcoming year with 2 primary academic foci (assuming everything works out, i will also be working on German & taking a speed reading class in the Spring):

  1. Prepare for and take the GRE
  2. Engage specific thinkers/branches/movements in theology, and related disciplines on a monthly basis.  Monthly seemed like a nice balance between a mere cursory glance, obtaining a solid grasp on the topic at hand, & being brief enough to allow me to still read widely during the next year.  If i want to probe more deeply into a topic, i will be easily able to do so.

So, to begin fulfilling goal #2, i hereby declare September @ ATP to be John Zizioulas month!  I have been very interested in exploring Zizioulas’ relational ontology over the last few years, but haven’t been able to engage his thought.  So, here is the plan for this month:

While it is only four books, it seems like this plan includes the core works of Zizioulas’ thought, but is not so stringent as to negate the possibility of other reading and leaves room for GRE prep.  I will interact with each work here @ ATP, and hopefully review all of them.

Lastly, if anyone else would like to engage Zizioulas please read along with me!  Dialogue is always good for clarification, and is just fun.  If you already know your Zizioulas like the back of your hand, your input is most welcome, and  if you have any thoughts on my plan of attack, let me know.

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