Required Literature Reading


Time for an informal poll: As a theology student, what literature should i be reading?  I am looking to garner resources, so please assume i know nothing (you might be right).  So if you have suggestions, please comment & include:

  • name of book/author 
  • brief explanation of why they matter/why i should read them

A proleptic thanks to all!


One response to “Required Literature Reading

  1. This isn’t meant to be sarcastic:

    IMO, read the Tanakh and NT, in Hebrew and Greek. By far, the most valuable time I have spent doing research for my diss. is being able to confidently jive my work exegetically in the scriptures. Otherwise, there’s no real way to ensure one is not spinning out just another useless machination of speculative (albeit interesting) theological schtick.

    In the Reformed tradition, the two peaks of theology (Calvin and Barth, whether one likes those peaks or not) did theology via exegesis.

    Now, what I wished I would have read more of is the Fathers, especially the Cappadocians. Then I would have dual exegesis (scriptural and patristic) to give me confidence in my theology.

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