What Happened???

To John Zizioulas month, you ask? A few things:

  1. The two staff members of my church who provide oversight to the ministry Jesus has me serve in are moving on.  One in January, & one (who was my immediate, day-to-day person) the 1st of September.  Neither was completely unexpected, but the extra amount of work & stress was.
  2. I set the date for my GRE (November 17th).  After a practice test, i was encouraged by my results, but still have a long way to go.  With a clear “judgment day” in view i find myself wanting to focus more time there.
  3. Recently, I have been meeting with a former professor.  We read a work together, then meet & discuss over lunch.  It has been infinitely helpful, & learning with someone has been a great encouragement. 
  4. Related to this, since he is willing to do this consistently with me, I am hopeful that this will help me start to think through future areas of long-term interest.  I am becoming increasingly sympathetic to T.F. Torrance, & this is my professor’s specialty.  In fact, much of his research & writing seeks to further explore the implications of Torrance’s doctrine of the vicarious humanity of Christ.  So it seems likely that in meeting with him I can further delve into T.F.T’s thought, & in doing so hopefully preparing for the future well.
  5. I am lazy.

So, for now, the event is off.  The content of future posts will probably be related to #3-4 for the foreseeable future.


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