Two Weekend Demands

Two things you must do immediately:

1.)  Click this image & read everything that pops up as a result:

Torrance 1

2.)  Click this, buy it, & let your ears take in great music:

Pearl Jam 1

I can think of few things that would be a better use of one’s time this weekend.

3 responses to “Two Weekend Demands

  1. Sweet, you’re a TFT fan!

  2. Yeah,

    I struggle with the Reformed dimensions, being born & raised a libertarian free-will guy, but i am very interested in his work with science & the Trinity. He is slowly winning me over.

    • Sounds like we have similar backgrounds. What books have you read from TFT? “Theological Science” and or “Ground And Grammar Of Theology: Consonance Between Theology and Science” are good (I like the latter better).

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