Awkward Moments in Middle School Ministry #1

With the renaming of this blog to happen soon, I hae decided to start one of my future series ahead of time, named “Awkward Moments in Middle School Ministry.”  These will range from the theological to the physically comedic.  Without further ado, let’s get this started!

After a rousing game of touch football last night, myself, a sponsor, & a group of 6th & 7th grade boys were walking back into the building.  One 6th grader started a conversation with me: 

Student: Am I good person?

Me (taken aback & fumbling for an answer): Well, you are b/c Jesus loves you.

Student: Then can you give me money?

As you can tell by my answer, i wasn’t sure what to say to such an unprovoked existential query, but luckily he didn’t care about my answer, but only what “purchase” his “good-person” status could earn with me.  Awkward.  On the bright side, student ministry is great for theological work b/c conversations like these remind me that while what we do as theologians is important, it isn’t everything.

One response to “Awkward Moments in Middle School Ministry #1

  1. My neighbor, who is a UU minister, asked me last night, “Do you have a good life?” My response, after smirking and muttering how absurd the question is, was: “Define good.” That’s the only possible answer, in my book, because “good” is so very subjective. A good movie, a good meal, a good beer, good sex, what’s good for you, &c. are all subjective. Every person will have a different idea. More people need to be aware of subjective words, I think, and to be aware that we say things based on our own, personal definitions and associations. That is the cause of so much confusion and hostility, I think.

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