Ray Anderson on Flying

One of the most quotable theologians I have encountered so far in my studies is Ray Anderson.  Here is the latest gem I have found, from his recent published sermon series on the book of Ecclesiastes, where he deals with the inherent tension humans feel due to being of both dust and spirit:

So it is with Christians, added Kierkegaard; they conclude that the domesticating grace of God is not meant to take seriously the wings of the Spirit, for to do so emaciates one’s well-being and destroys one’s peace as an earth-bound creature.  Whereas, in fact, the wings are meant to be used, humans have Spirit, and thus are destined to live a transcendent life, above mere earthly existence.  You see the point of all this is that God has put eternity in your heart.  It means sadness if you are aware of it.  But that sadness is the beating of the wings of your spirit against the prison of the frustrations that encompass you.  And in beating your wings and protesting against the contradictions of life you become more aware, become more of an individual, not just apart of the flock; this means suffering, but the spirit is alive! 

[emphasis mine, 22-3]


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