A Brief, Late Night Apology for Reading Chuck Klosterman

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Tonight I finished reading the newest collection of essays by Chuck Klosterman.  I recently “discovered” Chuck due to some ESPN podcasts he had done with the Sports Guy, Bill Simmons.  I did not take long to realize that I am a bit late to the Klosterman party.  Fortunately, that did not detract me from reading his recent 230 page work in roughly 2 evenings, quite a fast clip for me. 

So, whether you would be a neophyte like myself, or have had several trips around the ferris wheel with Klosterman’s work, I strongly encourage you to read his latest book.  In order to be consistent with the title of this post, for now let me give everyone 1 reason to go buy his book immediately: the level of curiosity Klosterman displays for topics that appear as mundane as TV sitcom “laugh tracks,” coupled with the conclusions  about culture he draws from such seemingly insignificant minutiae (some of which I think are accurate), challenges and inspires one to rise above the mental laziness that one can lapse into, even as a graduate student.  The pace & curiosity in his thought is infectious; he makes me want to be a better scholar.

Now, I have likely given more than one reason somewhere in there, & am possibly only in the honeymoon stage with a new author who isn’t afraid to be provocative, so I will try to end this post like many of his essays in his latest work; I hope not.


One response to “A Brief, Late Night Apology for Reading Chuck Klosterman

  1. Cool Post,
    Thanks for the thoughts.

    Living in Grace,
    Delme Linscott

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