Stubbed Toes: Coming Attractions

Hello Faithful Readers,

I thought it might be fun to give a sneak peak of what most of my summer reading agenda looks like.  Basically there are four main points of emphasis:

  1. To emmerse myself in the scriptures.  In partcular, I am in the midst of moving towards an unabashedly theological reading of scripture.  To continue to explore this change I will read through Genesis, Matthew, & Acts (with dashes of other books like Eccelesiastes thrown in), blogging through their respective Brazos Theological Commentaries, as well as other texts that shed light on theological interpretation.
  2. I want to examine virtue ethics, particularly as understood by Stanley Hauerwas.  To that end, I’ll be working through both The Peaceable Kingdom & A Community of Character, as well as Alasdair MacIntyre’s After Virtue, a major influence on Hauerwas.
  3. The primary goal for this summer is to deeply engage the works of Paul Tillich, Karl Barth, T.F. Torrance, & related sources for my essay in this summer’s upcoming Karl Barth Blog Conference.  This will be the heart of my summer.  No doubt this is a daunting task, since none of these guys make for easy sledding, but no pain no gain as they say. 
  4. I want to begin to a sustained engagement with the thought of Thomas Aquinas & the subsequent movement that bears his name.  This is not a paramount priority, so there will be less on this subject than the other topics, but it is time to begin giving the man the more extensive due he is owed.

I see this summer as tying up a few loose ends in my thinking, & gives me an excuse to engage some thinkers/topics I’ve been itching to.  The only possible flaw is that the topic of science & theology, one of my favorites, couldn’t make the cut, which I might have to change.  Also, I may start taking some summer courses from the local university, & if so obviously some of this list will get pared down.  Anyway, if you know of any great resources I should be looking at related to my above topics, let me know.  Should be fun-be sure to stop by!


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