Vacation Time

Hello Readers,

I am offline for the rest of this week, as my wife & I head out of town for our vacation.  Earlier tonight I finished Tillich’s autobiography, so when I return you can expect some reflections on both his theology and life, as well as some posts on the theological interpretation of Scripture, a topic i have been engaging the last few weeks.

Until then . . .

2 responses to “Vacation Time

  1. I’m actually in the midst of Pauck’s biography of Tillich, so I’m looking forward to your future posts. I’m not very familiar with his work, though, and was unaware of an autobiography. What’s the title of it?

  2. Evan,

    Good to hear from you. His autobiography is called “On the Boundary.” Only about 100 pages, easy read (I knocked it out in a few hours), but really helpful for getting the main flavor of his thought. I will be referring to it in future posts hopefully.

    How is Pauck’s work?

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