A New Beginning

In my last post, I shared how after much time, prayer, & consideration, I decided to resign from the youth ministry at the church I serve at.  While it was a hard decision, my family & I are eager to begin this new chapter in our lives, one that involves the last steps of preparation for what I pray will be the life-long joys & challenges of teaching others.

This hope has moved much closer to a reality as I have been accepted into the MTh program at Luther Seminary in St. Paul MN.  No place is perfect, but in numerous ways Luther is a great fit for my academic aspirations, and I hope to be working on my PhD there within the next couple years.  My wife and I are thrilled, daunted, & thankful by the challenges this opportunity poses.   

We have to be moved & somewhat settled by Labor Day weekend, so any prayers are appreciated as we scramble to get all our affairs in order.  They weren’t able to confirm my acceptance until almost mid-June, so there is still much to do.

So, there’s the personal update.  Now time to get back to theology.  Right now I am working through Tillich’s Systematic Theology, & I plan on blogging through each section as I go as part of my prep for the KBBC in August.  Be sure to check out this great blog conference put on by Travis & David.


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